Friday, August 9, 2013

Nantucket Picture Dump Pt. 3

Fell way behind on updating these. We're back from vacation now so I'll just do a couple of quick photo dumps to preserve my favorite pictures for posterity.

Windswept Bog

The white sign says "BEES AT WORK" which turned out to be extremely true. The bees* chased Peter back to the car shortly after we entered the cranberry bogs.

(* -- not actually bees. We realized a couple of days later that they're actually biting deerflies. I was happier when I thought they were bees.)

Crookytail jumped about eight feet down into a gross mud bog while chasing a goose. He ended up covered in thick black mud, it was disgusting. We added on another short excursion to the Milestone Loop Trail on the way home, just so he could run in dry grass and knock most of that mud off.

Shawkemo Hills!

The next day we hit up Shawkemo Hills. In the early part of the trail, there were a lot of these "tree tunnels" where the forest closed in overhead and filtered the light.

Then the path opened up to big open firebreaks on hillsides.

Made it to the water tower and called it a day. There's a lot left to that walk that we didn't get around to finishing on this trip. It connects back to the Middle Moors at several points, though, so if we'd kept going long enough we would probably have ended up where we went on several other days.

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