Friday, August 9, 2013

Nantucket Picture Dump Pt. 4

Altar Rock/The Middle Moors

My favorite part of Nantucket!

This is where Larsen Road connects to the Middle Moors. It's about a 10- to 15-minute walk just to reach the interior. Once you do, though, miles upon miles of mostly empty moorland stretch out before you. We hardly ever saw other people on this walk, and even fewer other dogs. Mostly it was just us, Dog Mob, and innumerable bunnies waiting to be sprung out of the bushes.

The Middle Moors are full of edible plants. Blueberries and tiny low-growing blackberries were in season during this trip, and (to Peter's continual consternation) I ate as many as I wanted. The cranberries were beginning to come in too, and there were unripe hazelnuts and wild grapes promising even more foraging fun in the weeks to come.

 Dog Mob wasn't too into the berries, but Pongu was really proud of this dead dried-up snake he found.

Somehow Crooky didn't notice or care about the snake.

Altar Rock, the highest point on Nantucket. You can see the whole island from here.

That day we stayed out on the Middle Moors until well after nightfall, and ended up walking home under the hazy moonlight. Pongu tripped over an unseen snake in the dark, freaked out, and spent the next two days being extremely suspicious of every stick, string, and squiggly mark he came across on the trails.

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