Friday, August 9, 2013

Nantucket Picture Dump Pt. 5

Sanford Farm!

This walk is listed on the Nantucket Dog Walk blog as one of two "doggy social hours" (the other is Tupancy Links), and it lives up to its name. I left Sanford Farm until fairly late in our trip because I wanted to see how Crookytail did on vacation before I risked him in an environment where his occasional dog-bullying issues might get him into trouble.

But he was fine, he played appropriately with the dogs who wanted to play with him and backed off from the ones who didn't.

Pongu, of course, was his usual unfriendly nerd self and mostly ignored the other dogs.

This young Weimaraner tried to tag along with Dog Mob for probably 15-20 minutes, during which his actual people were nowhere to be found. Eventually they managed to call him back, but for a while I was wondering whether I might have accidentally stolen their dog.

Happy dog days.

Some scenery.

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