Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nantucket Picture Dump Pt. 6

Gibbs Pond!

This whole day was gray and misty and dreamlike. A thick fog rolled in over the moors and we couldn't see much of anything beyond maybe fifty feet. We saw no other people and hardly any animals for the entirety of this walk -- just a couple of bunnies and two deer, all of which Dog Mob gleefully chased as long as they could.


Posed (and one of my favorite pictures from our vacation):

I made the dogs go through about a dozen permutations of Pongu standing/Crooky sitting, Crooky standing/Pongu sitting, etc. before I finally settled on having them both Down for this shot on the shores of Gibbs Pond. Dog Mob was extremely patient and gracious about putting up with my insane finickiness.

Return to Tom Nevers Beach!

We had the beginnings of a dissipating tropical storm coming in on this day's visit, and the waves were powerful enough to be genuinely hazardous. I was glad that Dog Mob has never shown any inclination to go into the water. It would have been a real risk to their safety if they had. The waves knocked me over every time I went in, and I'm a lot taller than they are.

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