Friday, July 26, 2013

Milestone Bog Days 1 & 2

On our third and fourth days in Nantucket, we harnessed the dogs into their WalkyDog bike attachments and took them out to Milestone Bog.

As it turned out, there's actually a much faster and easier way to get to Milestone Bog than biking to the long-way-around entrance that we took on those two trips, but I didn't realize that at the time. So we went the long way, and Dog Mob got to meet a hilarious little dog who was also biking with its person, but via bike-drawn baby stroller instead of running on its own four feet. (To be fair, it's unlikely that a small dog could have kept up on the Milestone Bike Path for long. Our guys are pretty big and always got completely pooped in less than a mile on the bike path.)

And then we arrived, and it was hiking time!

...and also mosquito time. The pesky little bloodsuckers were out something fierce on that trip, so we quickly aborted the hike and vowed to return the next day with bug spray. Which we did.

Pongu off leash, taunting Crookytail who is still on leash and therefore unable to do more than stick his head through the fence and look on sadly as Pongu sticks his tongue out and rolls gleefully in the grass:

On the trail:

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