Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Serengeti and Tom Nevers Beach

On the first day in Nantucket, we went out to the "Serengeti," which I chose for our initial walk because Crookytail had been struggling with some recall and dog bullying issues. This particular walk doesn't see a lot of canine traffic and has relatively little wildlife, so I figured it would be a safe re-introduction to off-leash hiking with Crooky.

It was a pleasant, short walk. We'd barely done a mile and a half or so, maaaybe two miles, before Crookytail pooped out. He's so out of shape, poor guy. Because of the aforementioned dog bullying issues, he hasn't been to the dog park much recently, and because he's washed out of all our dog sports I haven't kept up with his physical conditioning, and boy howdy did that ever show.

Pongu had no such problems. He's in considerably better shape, since he's actively in competition, and the walk was quite easy for him.

(Pongu's in a Down-Stay for that one, but Crooky is just flopped out on his own, too tired to keep going.)

As soon as we got home, Dog Mob went to their self-appointed sleeping places in the cottage and fell over.

The next day, we went to Tom Nevers Beach. Crookytail chased (and ate) some sand hoppers, Pongu did some cliff climbing and dug a HUGE hole next to my backpack when I asked him to remember where I'd left it, and it was good times for all.


  1. Good boy, Pongu, finding the backpack!
    Lovely photos - looks so peaceful there.

  2. He remembered right where it was! I told him jokingly to keep an eye on it because I didn't want to carry it around anymore (it was full of bagged dog poop and smelled AWFUL). Pongu doesn't have a cue for that, but he dug his huge hole to mark the place where I left the poopy pack (I guess?) and he remembered the exact spot and trotted right back over there on our return trip.