Saturday, January 18, 2014

Shakespeare Goes Home

Thursday morning, Shakespeare went to the vet to get his stitches taken out. He was a good patient, albeit a worried one, and held still while sutures were snipped and plucked from some very tender areas of his anatomy.

I think he was more worried in the waiting area than the exam room, poor guy.

That night I took him out to the dog park for the first time, since he was finally off exercise restriction with his stitches out. Well after dark, so no pictures, but he did very nicely playing with Pongu and Crookytail.

Friday morning we played a little more Fun With Benches, this time featuring Pongu rather than Crooky.

And then Shakespeare went home.

Choosing a home for Shakespeare was a difficult decision. He was an extremely lucky little guy to have multiple wonderful families interested in him, and I'm confident that he would have blossomed in any of those homes. In the end, I sent him home with the first family who met him. They had a gentle and supportive way of interacting with him and seemed well prepared to handle his transition period, and I felt that it wouldn't take long at all for Shakespeare to bond fully with his new people and become the happy, playful little dog that is waiting to emerge from that temporarily chastened cocoon.

And that (probably!) ends Shakespeare's time with us. Farewell, little fluff dog!

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