Saturday, October 12, 2013

Florence in the Garden

More pictures from this afternoon. I took Florence up to the deck because I needed to tie down some blackberry vines anyway so she got to help me garden.

Philly skyline pic, feat. my near-dead end-of-season cherry tomatoes:

The blackberry vines are pretty huge this year, so I had to climb over the deck and tie them on the other side of the wall too (they spill over the trellis and cover both sides). Every time I climbed the deck wall, Florence would be all WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING and she'd try to follow me over the wall.

When that didn't work, she'd follow me around the deck and stick her face through the gaps in the wall to look at me whenever she could.

Then I brought Crooky out to get some pictures of them together. It was so windy that neither of them really wanted to do much, although Florence did try to get Crookytail to play with her (so she does like other dogs! aha!).

Crooky's face in this one makes me laugh.

 I have absolutely no idea what he's looking at here. His gaze is pointed at the hedge clippers I have resting on a shelf overhead but I can't figure out why Crooky would be interested in hedge clippers.

So much for Day One. Tomorrow I'll be out near NYC all day doing a Rally trial with Pongu, while the other two mutt monsters stay home. Hopefully the spousal unit can manage Florence without losing her or going completely insane.

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  1. Florence is stunningly lovely, and sounds like she has the personality to match. Someone will be very blessed with this dog...How sweet in the short time she's been with you, she keeps you in eye sight, ear shot, making sure her Mom gets back to her safely :).