Monday, April 16, 2012

The Melon Collie Pups

Last Friday, after an hourlong delay spent enjoying a fantastic parking lot in Northeast Philadelphia (right near prison row, actually, which might explain why that particular parking lot was so jam-packed busy even though every store on its row was already closed...), we picked up our two new foster pups and brought them home.

Indy is the cream-colored one with the subtle white streak on her throat. Little Fox is the one who looks like a little fox. They are collie/German Shepherd mix puppies and are currently 10 weeks old. Little Fox definitely takes after her collie side; Indy is more ambiguously muttly.

These two puppies, along with their mother and a third sister, were dumped at Columbus County Animal Control in North Carolina by their owner, who couldn't be bothered to get the mother dog fixed or to care for any of them once she had babies. Luckily (if at the very last second), all four were saved. I pulled the Melon Collie pups, their sister got adopted locally, and the mother went to another rescue.

After some initial manic jumping and mouthing (which briefly caused me to question my sanity in taking on yet another pair of puppies, but turned out to just be pent-up energy and stress after the transport), the Melon Collie pups quickly settled in. Crookytail helped a lot with that, as he always does. Pongu opted to ignore the puppies (and/or yell at them for bothering him), as he always does.

Crookytail might not be the quickest learner of tricks or Rally moves, but he is the greatest dog on the planet at playing with puppies. He loves them so much.

Pongu, on the other hand... well...

...he's a nerd, and in true nerd fashion, he gets very uncomfortable and awkward when forced into social gatherings.

Anyway, the Melon Collies and I spent the weekend getting to know one another.

These are good puppies. Both of them are smart, friendly, and (with one notable exception, which I'll get to in my next post) polite. They will grow up to be wonderful dogs.

My job's just to help them there.

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