Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Anica Goes Home and Becomes Sassafras!

So this actually happened almost a month(!) ago, but I've been slacking on updating the blog so welp.

Anica got adopted! She ended up in a lovely home with lovely owners and I could not be happier about her good luck in finding such a wonderful place to go. It truly was a stroke of luck, too, as is so often the case with these little dogs: we were walking down the street and just happened to cross paths with a lady who just happened to be drawn toward scruffy terrier-mutts, and who just happened to be considering whether she might be ready to bring home another dog.

By the time all the paperwork was finalized and the adopters felt totally ready to bring her home, Anica had gotten tentative interest from a couple of other homes as well, but I always hoped that she'd end up where she did. She clearly liked this family best of all the ones she interacted with (and there were actually a couple of other families she didn't like, which surprised me -- I'd thought Anica was a dog who just loved everybody, but in fact there were a small handful of people she didn't get on with; in her defense, they were all people who were not good at handling dogs and tended to grab her in pushy and probably uncomfortable ways), so I was thrilled when they said that yes, they would like to bring her home.

There were a couple of small bumps in the beginning. One, because I hadn't been given a copy of Anica's medicals, I hadn't realized that she was lapsed on her heartworm preventative and flea/tick topical treatment, which I regret and will definitely be making an effort to ensure doesn't happen again in the future. But for Anica there was a lapse in protection, which mattered because she was exposed to fleas at the previous week's adoption event and it turned out that she had a flea bite allergy. So she went home with some itchy bumps and irritated skin that took a little detective work (and a vet visit) to resolve.

Two, there was a little bit of a transition period with getting her used to the resident dogs and vice versa, although it sounds like everybody managed to get over the grumps after a couple of weeks (which is usually how it goes, but is nevertheless always a relief to hear).

And so it seems like this little dog's story has come to a happy ending. Her name is Sassafras now, and she has a loving home and great owners.

She even got to go apple picking this fall!

Have a happy life, little dog. I'm happy I was able to help you get there. :)

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