Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Leia - Two Quick Videos

Leia will be leaving for a sleepover with some prospective adopters shortly (fingers crossed it works out!!), so today's update is just a couple of quick videos.

Here's where we are on loose-leash walking. I wish I'd spent more time on this -- she really hasn't had much practice at all -- but, welp. Deprioritize things, and this is what you get.

The silver lining is that if she's mostly okay-ish with basically no practice, then she should be fine with just a little more work. Currently Leia is mostly well-behaved on leash except when she first comes out of the crate and has a lot of energy to burn, and when she sees something she wants to chase (mostly birds). We still get a little bit of pulling in those situations. It is improving, but not quickly enough that these issues will be resolved when she (hopefully) leaves, so I'm planning to send her off with an EasyWalk harness just to make her adopters' lives slightly easier while they continue working on that stuff.

Another thing she'll be going off with is our bird wand, because that is currently her favorite toy.

And that's that for today's super quick update. Tomorrow: sleepover party!

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