Friday, May 2, 2014

Queenie at Work and Play

Quick video update.

Here's Queenie with Dog Mob shortly after arrival. At this point she was fairly tentative around them and was just beginning to engage with Crookytail. Pongu was, of course, Pongu... and, as he usually does, provided a good illustration of how Queenie backs down from confrontation with a pushy jerkface dog. Even at this early stage, it was clear that she was socially adept, perfectly willing to share toys, and not aggressive even when mildly provoked.

She quickly became more comfortable with Dog Mob and was willing to play more actively with Crookytail. This video is from a day later.

Work-wise, she's rapidly learning Sit. As of this morning we pretty much have it on a pure verbal cue, but her ability to discriminate cues is nil -- as far as Queenie is concerned, the correct answer to any prompt is always "Sit," because that's the only formal response she knows right now.

This is a totally normal learning stage and I'm not the least bit concerned about it, particularly since it's really never wrong for a pet dog to have a strong default Sit behavior. I may or may not get around to teaching any of the other standards, depending on how much time we have together. Mostly I'm just happy she's got the basic cue down so quickly (and that she has such a nice, snappy Sit!); our next step will be reinforcing and generalizing her response.

She also has a pretty good backwards leap, as evidenced at the end there.

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