Saturday, February 22, 2014

Beach Visit

On Saturday, Dog Mob went out to Wildwood to run around the beaches while they're still allowed.

Pongu deserved a break from training -- he's been working pretty hard since I enrolled in Gold for Obedience Skillbuilding -- and Crooky, well, he just deserved a break in general, poor guy. He did not do so hot at his last agility foundations class (tried to run across the room three separate times to play with other dogs; still doesn't comprehend wrapping at all despite four weeks of trying) and I've been crabby with him for about a week now.

So it was good for all of us to take an afternoon off and just go to the beach. Sand! Surf! Dead horseshoe crabs with stinky stuff inside!

Crooky tried to roll around in that dead crab before realizing why it is not a good idea to roll around in hard, spiky, pointy-carapaced things. Poor dumdum, he had to actually give it a try before figuring that one out.

Also!, Crookytail got to play with his friend Ariella, who is one of the few friends he's got that can tolerate (and match) his obnoxious body-slamming play style.

Here they are pretending to be good:

...and here's what they actually spent their time doing:

Bunch of goofbats.

Not pictured: Crookytail running across the beach to hassle a white dog and a Golden Retriever (or mix), and totally blowing off my recalls until I got within 20 yards, whereupon he immediately pretended like he'd been listening all along; Pongu spontaneously offering some pretty decent Heeling because he wanted cookies and guessed (correctly) that I would give him cookies for offering this behavior; both dogs munching on WaWa "homestyle chicken balls" (a peculiarly named product if ever there was one) on the way home, then passing out in the car.

They had a good time. It was a nice break. Tomorrow: back to work!

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