Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Another Day in the Snow

Tomorrow Ashling will go on to her forever home. In the meantime, a picture dump of dogs in the snow:

And a video of assorted dimwits playing the winter version of "Find It":

So much for Ashling's adventures here! In the morning she will go on to her real home, and hopefully live Happily Ever After.

We didn't get as far with training as I usually try for. Ashling will go home without knowing a single formal cue, not even Sit. She has a basic familiarity with clicker training and the beginnings of focus work, including attention in moderately distracting environments (city sidewalks, a half-empty dog park, etc.). She is well on her way to being fully potty trained and is pretty good on leash (still working on ignoring a few things, but clicker marking and rewarding for attention and a loose leash has proven highly successful with Ashling and she's about 90% of the way there). She knows her name and has a better-than-average untrained recall.

And she's pretty eager to teach herself to go up the stairs backwards, so there's that.

But mostly she's still a blank canvas. A primed one, ready to start work, but largely untouched beyond that.

I expect that she'll do okay despite this. She's a sweet, friendly, stable little dog by nature, and that's the most important thing for a future family pet.

Her suitcase is packed. She's ready to go.

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