Saturday, August 25, 2012

Collecting Tulip

Last night we took a drive down scenic, glamorous I-95 to collect our latest foster dog, a starvacious beagle mix named Tulip.

Just as we got near the Delaware border, what did we chance to see but a CAR THAT WAS TOTALLY ON FIRE.

(sorry about the blurry quality, my camera wasn't eager to focus in the dark and I didn't have time to reset it)

Happily it didn't look like anyone was hurt -- the car's driver was standing on the side of the road about 50 yards away with the most amazing look of dumbfounded despair on his face -- and happier yet, we got there right as it happened, so we dodged the hourlong traffic pileup that soon accumulated behind the scene. And then we proceeded to a weirdly hard-to-access hotel parking lot, where we collected a small, skinny, homeless mutt named Tulip from the transport van.
Tulip was scared and sad the whole way back. It's a big culture shock for these little pups; Mab and Etta adjusted so quickly that I'd forgotten how stressful the trip can be for some dogs. Tulip reminded me.
She pancaked in the parking garage, on the street, and on the stairs. I had to carry her most of the way home. But she made it, and on the doorstep she met Dog Mob. Tulip was polite, anxious, and deferential; Pongu was a pushy dick, as ever, while Crookytail was enthusiastic about having a new puppy friend!!
Once Tulip conceded that he was Number One Dog (which she did immediately), Pongu grudgingly let her into the house, albeit while hovering around to threateningly remind her not to have any designs on his privileges. He's so insecure.
Once she got inside, though, it didn't take Tulip long at all to relax. And, oh, what a bright smile she has when she lets it out.

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