Saturday, October 29, 2011

An End to the Raw Food Experiment, For Now

After several weeks I'm calling an end to the raw food experiment, at least for the time being. Pongu just didn't like eating it. I did the slow transition from cooked to "rare" to raw, but he never especially liked the rare and he got real finicky when it went to raw, often picking at his food and spitting out bits he disliked (including his assorted pills), instead of hoovering it down and looking around hopefully for more, like he did and does with the cooked food.

So since the science doesn't really support the superiority of a raw food diet over home cooked (although plenty of people swear by it, and it did seem like there was a very slight improvement in Pongu's coat and breath while he was eating raw food), we're switching back. I do plan to keep using the meat grinder so that I can cook the food for shorter periods of time instead of boiling bones for days on end, and maybe I'll give raw feeding another shot later on, but for now this is it.

It's timely, too, since the next foster mutt just arrived...

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