Monday, September 12, 2011

Misc. Updates 9/12/11

Miscellaneous updates from the colony of mutt monsters:

-- Pongu's Prozac regimen continues with no apparent effect (not that I'm expecting anything so early). I thought he had a dry nose on Day 2 and some diarrhea on Day 3, but it's impossible to tell whether these issues are related to the Prozac, and in any event they both went away on their own within a day.

-- Pepper has tapeworms. She pooped on the deck again this morning, and as I was scooping it up, I made the awesome discovery of four or five sticky whitish proglottids glommed to the poop, just wiggling merrily away. GROSS.

The tapeworms are slated for destruction on Wednesday morning, when Pepper already had a vet visit scheduled for her spay surgery. I can't wait. In the meantime I have a wormy dog for two days and will accordingly be extra super vigilant in the house training because I cannot stand the idea of those icky ewie barfball worm segments wriggling around in my house.

I'm glad they're not contagious (in the absence of poop-eating fleas or mouse carcasses, anyhow) or I would have to burn my own house down as a precautionary measure. I am kind of tempted to do that anyway.

Tapeworms are the worst. The WORST.

But they will be dead soon, and that is a consoling thought. In the meantime, dogs at play:

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