Friday, May 27, 2011

Nessie Comes to Visit

Nessie was adopted and moved on to her forever home after only ten days with us. Her new owner lived right down the block, so even after she was adopted, we still saw her all the time. She took to her new family immediately and was very happy there, but it was nice just to stop by, see how she was doing, and say "hi" in passing.

Apparently she felt the same way.

One morning, a couple of weeks after Nessie got adopted, I went up to the roof deck to water my garden. On the other side of the glass door, I was greeted by a familiar face staring and a familiar tail wagging.

"HELLO FRIENDS!!" (wag wag)
It took a second for my totally uncaffeinated brain to register what I was seeing, but there she was: Nessie. On our roof.

I'm still not entirely sure how she got there, but the most likely answer is that Nessie slipped out of our neighbor's fenced-in deck through an unlocked door, ran across the connecting roofs (an odyssey that would have required her to make two fairly athletic jumps), and somehow got over the fence into our deck. I cannot fathom how she figured out that she could reach our house, but she did.

So I let her in, gave her a rawhide to keep her occupied (she promptly plopped down in Pongu's dog bed to chew it, which did not endear her to him, and then stole his rawhide and ate it too), and waited for her people to wake up so we could take her home.
Pongu was not terribly thrilled to see Nessie come back.

After about an hour they came and got her. Nessie was obviously happy to see her new people and eager to go home, so it wasn't that her visit meant she wanted to come back and live with us. She just wanted to stop by and say hi, as we had so many times with her.

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